Intralogistics at the service of production

WMS module, Wharehouse Management System


VM Group has more than thirty years of experience in industrial assembly for third parties.
The quality of Made in Italy, professionalism and respect for time make this company a guarantee for the customer.


Plan, organise and control

VMPlan is an industrial production monitoring software capable of analysing massive amounts of data from production lines.
With custom reports and dashboards, control operators can check the correct flow of goods in and out of warehouses or between locations; batch traceability and production feeds. The flow of data passes through the use of particular industrial handhelds on which an Android version is installed. VMPlan stands out for its ease of use and flexibility in terms of data synchronisation with the most popular ERP.


Streamline production feeds; track production batches; monitor production lines; eliminate print on paper; eliminate data entry operations on compute files residing on local servers.


Mobile App Android on handheld Opticon H-28 for barcode reading. Through a Web Application, all data from production and logistics are interpreted in reports and dashboards before being transmitted to the ERP.


Increase the efficiency of the logistic and managerial processes. Decrease of the time spent in the organisation of the resources. In addition, thanks to the dashboard, it allows you to develop predictive analytics.

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