Machine Monitoring

Monitor the main Key Performance Indicators of your company through visual management tools

Check the health of your industrial equipment

Machine performance

To the possibility of monitoring in an overall way the performance indices of the productive plant, through the OEE, and to those of the human resources, through the OLE, is added the opportunity to analyse in detail the state and the activity of the machines in production.

The use of MES-type software, which present visual management solutions, allows you to quickly take a look at the overall health of the machine: the amount of products produced in a given time frame, the processing time, any critical issues or alerts related to worn components, to be replaced, setup times or downtime.

  • Timely information on the status of the machine

  • Real time alert in case of malfunctions

  • Waste counting and non-compliant products per machine

  • KPI Report: Hours Worked and OEE

Analyse the status of machines remotely

Monitoring the status of your machines means having historical and real-time data from PLCs and sensors through the exchange of reliable and objective information. You can view data through fully customisable dashboards based on your needs.

You will also have access to the status of the machines remotely thanks to the mySUITE™ application, and the alert notifications will arrive directly on your smartphone, thus optimising the analysis time and the cause-and-effect relationship.

  • Processing phase real time analysis

  • Process information to optimise production process

  • Securely collect and store machine data

  • Customise dashboards to your needs

Analysing data has never been easier

The user interfaces must allow a fast use of the data coming from the machines used within your production system. Date, phase, status and all relevant information will be at your disposal, constantly updated, in order to check the status and operation of the machinery.

For this reason the dashboards are easy to use and intuitive, thus ensuring the perfect user experience of the end user.

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