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Together, from initial analysis to final testing, all the way through the development phase. Consulting is the first step to improve your production system, you will understand what are the factors to optimize and how to better manage them to achieve your goals.
Years of experience in management and industrial processes allow us to design the right software solution based on your production needs.

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materialSUITE® for industry 4.0

materialSUITE® is the MOM suite for analysis, control and communication within the factory.

MES progress and traceability

Creates production orders from a commission. checks the BOMs and trace products finished and semi-finished throughout the shop floor.

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WMS inventory management

It controls efficiently and smartly the warehouse of many establishments, from goods entrance to picking, managing storage missions

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SCH scheduling

Get the correct machine load sequence and manage the production launch through practical and intuitive visual software tools.

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Timing and Methods

Detects the factory operators' manual working time through mobile devices for defining specific tasks' times and methods.

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Machine Link

Connect factory machines to the materialSUITE System to give recipes, production orders, and detect times, states, and alarms.

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OEE Monitoring

Monitor the efficiency of your production system in real time with three indices: quality, availability and production performance.

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OLE Monitoring

Monitor workforce performance in real time by identifying the availability, quality and performance of the resources deployed.

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Machine Monitoring

Monitor in real time the status and activity of the machines inside the plants through status and alarm dashboards customizable by the user.

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There are no limits to integrability

​​​​​​​Yes, you can integrate your management software

We intend to accompany you along the path of digitalization facilitating your every step and ensuring a complete and satisfying user experience, for this reason each of our software is able to communicate with the management that you use for your business. Thanks to connectors already available you don’t have to worry about anything.

Business Cube

Managing production has never been easier

Custom software, with dashboards and user-friendly interfaces. The user experience is at the center. The graphic prototyping of the products allows you to analyze each touchpoint, we perform tests of User Experience Strategy ensuring the end user maximum usability. Simple, intuitive and configurable, we develop production management software that everyone can use and understand.

The right software is a unique software.

We listen, identify and shape your needs to create a unique, customized and customized software aimed at managing your production.

Customised development

We offer a concept service and implementation of management software based on the operating flow of the customer

User side customisation

Each user of our suite can build their own graphs, modules, prints and reports independently and individually.

Accessibility and usability

Access to the system via browser and from all desktop and mobile devices with simple, clear interfaces with essential functions.

Incentives INDUSTRY 4.0, your opportunity

You are in the ideal historical moment to digitize your factory, with the incentives INDUSTRY 4.0 the change is simple and easy. Besides, we’ll help you.

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The Transition Plan 4.0, document on which the structuring of the three main measures relating to Research & Development & Innovation and Industry 4.0

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How WMS software works WMS (Warehouse Management System) systems are becoming more and more widespread in the logistics of different production sectors due to their ability to significantly reduce warehouse costs. Thanks to specific algorithms, in fact, a WMS software is able to manage a warehouse in an optimised way and thus achieve several concomitant […]

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Lead time optimisation

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What is lead time? The word lead time is an expression that is often used under/as part of logistics and industrial production and indicates a fundamental importance parameter for our company’s prosperity. But, concretely, do we all really understand what lead time is? Generally, as we know, the lead time indicates the passing time between […]

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4.0 Industry Plan

Arianna Ferioli

4.0 Industry Plan for 2022: opportunities and tax breaks On October 28, the Cabinet approved the 2022 Draft Budget Bill, which provides, except for changes that may occur during the parliamentary procedure, the tax credit extension for investment in capital goods and software «Transition 4.0» until 2023 and following; we talk about it with Simone […]

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