SCH scheduling

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Short-time programming and scheduling

Why schedule the production?

Production scheduling consists in defining the timing of the production phases in order to increase the efficiency of the production process, advancing or suspending processes in order to/so as to respect the lead time.
Scheduling allows you to program the start of/beggining to production according to the supply of goods thanks to synchronization with the Warehouse Management system or other advanced APS systems.
In fact, according to the arrival of raw materials, it communicates to the scheduler the planning; the scheduling will allow therefore the scope to determine the right sequence of the orders with the scope to minimize the relative costs to the production plan.

  • Formulation of the operational plan and push production plan

  • Preventive identification of production times and criticalities

  • Production sequence simulation

  • Real time view of what is happening on the shop floor

Your production will love the new scheduler

The materialSUITE™, thanks to its heuristic algorithms, allows to determine the time order of production jobs which can vary from a day to a few weeks, depending on the reference industry sector.
SCH allows to develop production plans taking into account the priority of orders, expiry times, set-up times, availability of labour and the characteristics of the production campaign.

  • Required planner effort reduction

  • Icreased production efficiency

  • Timely and updated information

  • Precise estimate of delivery dates

What are the benefits provided by the scheduler?

Ensures decision makers save time by minimising idle resource time. Furthermore it allows you to manage priorities thanks to the drag and drop function, allowing the user to move the phases: once the Start has been set, the schedular will automatically recalculate the remaining phases in a waterfall fashion until processing completion.

  • Production costs reduction

  • Progressive abandonment of paper

  • More time for your valuable activities

  • More time for your valuable activities

What does production scheduling involve?

Production scheduling software, also called APS (or Advanced Planning and Scheduling) is used within smart factories to reduce manual effort, reduce and eliminate the variables that affect the delivery times and inventories and have control over the production phases in processing, completed and completed.
You can easily plan all your business resources through visual management solutions and promptly reorganize the processing steps in case of need.
Your production system must be optimized in all the processes that make it up, especially if delivery times are increasingly tight. The main theme therefore remains flexibility and competitiveness in terms of managing needs. The software interested in production scheduling must therefore provide an excellent user experience and a speed of response useful to optimize the time available to the decision maker.

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