MES progress and traceability

Plan production, monitor progress, collect real time data and make your factory processes more efficient.

Do you know the production software advantages?

Fantastic integrations between production plant and ERP

The real time data exchange between the business level and the operational level makes a general increase of overall efficiency of the plant (OEE).
Optimising your production process means combining the logic of lean production, able to connect and create fast communication between business systems, and the plants of your factory. This is why it is important for the ERP systems and MES systems to be interconnected.
The former, in fact, collect information on sales, purchases and warehouse management, while the latter monitor the advancements of production and determine the flows of material needed.

  • Better control of the entire production chain

  • Improved production planning capability

  • More reactive response to unexpected events

  • Maintenance cost reduction

Fast and accurate production payout​​​​​​​

Manage the progress and various production processes within your company both efficiently and on time.

The operators are facilitated in carrying out the activity of payment of the production, with the possibility of quickly imputing to the works carried out the state of “semi-finished” or “finished product”, on the other hand, the supervisors, they can monitor in real time the progress and the percentage of completion of the orders, facilitating the process of conclusion of the order in the previewed times.

Through MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software customized on the basis of production processes, it is possible to offer production managers, supervisors and operators themselves, a useful working tool.

  • Percentage update on order completition

  • "Bottleneck" reduction

  • Rapid imputation of the performed activities

  • Check the correspondence between the times used and estimates

Progress monitoring

Some of the most frequently asked questions within a production plant usually concern order status and the ability or not to meet the estimated delivery dates. That is why having an MES software for real-time production monitoring becomes essential.

Through a MES, industrial automation software, indeed, it is not only possible to recognize at a glance the progress of a job and the work orders that characterize it, but it is possible to have up-to-date data regarding the presence or absence of the necessary resources for its completion and the estimated or necessary time for delivery. This allows, therefore, to proceed quickly to the re-planning of the activities in case of delays in the delivery of the necessary materials.

  • Better control on launched activities

  • Production performance improvement

  • Accurate updates on orders/resources load

  • Delivery improvement

Production monitoring

Filling the communication gap between offices and production plant is possible thanks to MES software that collect and process the data produced by the machines inside the shopfloor and make them available and accessible in real time to production managers and supervisors.

The ability to integrate with other company management present, makes the MES software indispensable tools to have always under input and output production, allowing better management of resources and optimization of production and logistics processes.

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