Human time recording

Collect and monitor generated production times from your operators, improves the quality of the work and prevent any critical points in manual production steps.

Analyse methods time measurement of your production system

Human time recording

Knowing the times and production methods of their operators is essential for companies with manual production phases. In fact, thanks to the OLE (Overall Labor Effectiveness) measurement metrics we are able to detect production Times and promptly intervene where problems present themselves.

  • Rationalisation of production methods and processing time assignments

  • Precise definition of production costs through work and time keeping measurements

  • Better logistics management

  • Enhanced time control and potential production interruption identification

Ever since on the customers' side

It is possible to monitor the manual and mobile phases of the production plant in real time thanks to the Andrioid myMES application in order to see the impact of the workforce on production performance.
The mySUITE™ android application installed on company devices and easily usable thanks to a personal login, allows the operator to carry out their approved production phases.
A further opportunity is represented by the supercronometer function, thanks to which it is possible to trace the time spent for each single phase carried out in mobility, reaching the detection of time and personnel costs.

  • Faster exchange of information between employees and improved communication

  • Cost and waste reduction to streamline production

  • Identification and management of real manual processing times

  • Data collection on your production efficiency

The advantages of measuring on the go

MySUITE™ is an indispensable tool for diagnosing and preventing any critica points in the manual production phases.
It’s also possible to monitor additional KPIs such as workforce availability, performance and work quality, making the company competitive and digitalised.

  • Better staff management

  • Production process optimisation

  • Refining the OLE metric

  • Prevention of any critical points int the manual work phases

Opportunities arising from the survey of human time

Precise knowledge of the time taken to process the parts is fundamental to identify and allocate resources to the production phases. Obtaining objective and concrete data on the measurement of human time and the quality of production is a factor of competitiveness not only internal but also, and above all, external. It is therefore interesting to know how to provide a valid help to owners and decision makers to optimize their industrial production processes.

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