WMS module

The warehouse becomes intelligent with the Warehouse Management System. Optimisation of warehouse processes.


Founded in Parma in 1923, Greci represents an Italian reference point in the food sector: initially specialised in processing tomato, today the excel in the ready-made gastronomy sector, always guaranteeing italian quality and tradition.
The union between tradition and innovation has allowed them to invest in the optimisation of increasingly cutting-edge production processes.

WMS module

Improve the management of goods in stock thanks to the WMS system.

The WMS module effectively controls the warehouse by combining data communication with the SAP software, from the arrival of goods to the picking phase, from sending notifications to the operators for the collection mission to the arranged warehouse, to sending notifications for packaging. Thanks to product records, loading unit and availability in terms of warehouse space, the WMS module will show and make available the data of the incoming goods and their logistics both through the Web App and Mobile App directly accessible from the operator’s handheld.
Different types of goods? Different production processes! The WMS system collects data from different production processes allowing you to send a notification to operators for the collection mission to the prepared warehouse or to be sent to the packaging.

One of the main features is the algorithm that regulates the storage of raw materials based on availability and expiry of the goods; goods pick-up and deposit missions are then generated from a pick list following the order from the SAP system, which can be viewed from the mobile app on the operator’s device.


Manage the goods in the warehouse according to availability and perishability.


Development of a WMS module, a web app and a mobile app for effective inventory control, combining data communication with SAP software: from the goods arrival to picking.


Production process optimisation and waste reduction related to perishable goods.


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