MES module

For the analysis and monitoring of production times and costs


Calzoni Assemblaggi has been operating for over thirty years in the outsourcing of production processes and develops its core business in the supply of assembly and assembly services for third parties. The aim of the company is to be a qualified partner and a reliable reference point, able to accompany customers in the continuous improvement of their products.

MES module

For the analysis and monitoring of production times and costs

The MES module is the web application used by the company Calzoni S.r.l. to better estimate the time and analysis of production costs related to orders and orders.
The application is developed through a dual interface, operator and supervisor, which allows, depending on the needs and roles, to analyse specific data in relation to the activities started or to be started. By logging in, by scanning the barcode on the personal badge, the operator initiates the collection of data in relation to the activities of competence, associated in turn with specific orders or customers. In this way, the supervisor, at any time, can check the status of the orders in production, the hours charged for the realisation, those to final balance and the relative costs.


Collect timely information about production time and production cost analysis allowing supervisors to intervene promptly in the event of data not in line with the estimates and operators to monitor their performance to try to comply with the deadlines.


Web application, able to import information from the Gamma ERP of Teamsystem, that through the reading of the barcode on the badges of operators collects production data returning, thanks to custom dashboards, outputs related to forecast trends.


Web application, easy and intuitive that allows: greater correspondence between estimated times/costs and final results, improved performance, improved delivery efficiency, real-time control over shopfloor activities and reduction of lost orders.


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