Product configurator for the lighting industry

Development of a product configurator to optimise and facilitate the creation of quotes and orders


Neri Spa has been a symbol of excellence in the field of high-end urban furniture and lighting systems in Italy and worldwide since 1962. When art meets technology, ideas are born worthy of being developed, hence the need to facilitate the search for their products to customers and leads interested in buying. The company also felt the need to renew its online image through the creation of a new website. This means adopting a style in step with the trends, content and dynamic layouts that convey elegance and innovation.

Configurator and restyling of the website

Developing a web app to search and order products with ease

The Heritage Configurator has allowed the creation of a software for the search of products in a simple and fast way through the insertion of filters aimed at the selection of the desired product. After obtaining the product of interest to the user, the latter has the possibility to request a quote and/ or order it directly from its reserved area.
The project created for Neri Spa does not end here, in fact the Heritage Configurator works thanks to the development of a Database capable of enclosing all the technical components such as models, shapes, materials and different styles.
To complete the project was the restyling of the website, which thanks to its elegance has allowed the strengthening of the positioning and image of the brand.


Obtain the desired product in the shortest possible time, having a multiplicity of features among which to compose the desired article


Development of a product configurator thanks to a powerful database capable of generating a quote or an order through the same interface


Optimised the time taken to request quotes within the digital environment and implemented actions aimed at customer loyalty. Improved the user experience during the online journey and increased the stay on the site

Make the right choice.
Enter industry 4.0, with materialSUITE.

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