Software CRM

Computerised system for logistics management and quality control


Akema Srl represents an Italian producer of raw materials for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry specialised in the production of the moisturizing agent Allantoina. The main characteristic that distinguishes the company consists in the desire to maintain the production process in Italy thus enhancing the Made in Italy and consequently the products made.

Optimise customer management, new production orders, produced and tested quantities

The information at the service of the company and their management to generate valuable relationships

For the customer Akema Srl has been released the latest updated version of the software CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in terms of functionality and graphics ensuring the customer a better user experience and implementing the opportunities of use of the software in question.
The CRM allows the user to manage orders: through the date of entry, customer registration and order number; management of products with data related: units produced, quantity, CLP label, nr. batch, year and month of production, year of re-testing and release. In addition to the normal management of customers, the CRM allows you to enter and then store the information related to the Challenges carried out on the products as a quality control phase.


Replacement and implementation of CRM


Easy management of production information and historical archive of tests carried out on products to verify and control their quality


Reduction of the time spent on information management, data storage and statistics made


Make the right choice.
Enter industry 4.0, with materialSUITE.

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