materialSUITE™ for the 4.0 module

Optimise sorting with software for 4.0


Semedorato S.r.l. represents an authentic and original brewery located in the characteristic province of Caltanissetta. The spirit of the Sicilian culture is inevitably found in the flavours of their beers: thanks to the experience consolidated over the years, they have also conquered foreign territory by distributing in France, the Nether-lands, England, Costa Rica, USA, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Panama and the Caribbean Islands.

4.0 software installation for production machinery

Industry 4.0 digitalisation course

Semedorato S.r.l. started the process to become 4.0 and thanks to the purchase of a new sorting machine it turned to Logikamente for the development of a software that could satisfy the desired needs.
The software released included bidirectional interconnection with the purchased machinery; the remote control function and the OPC-UA standard, specifically, it made it possible to configure and connect all other 4.0 devices present in the factory. To complete the project we have a series of set alarms, from machinery stops for cleaning to the management of recipe uploads and initialisation. In particular, the customer, thanks to the use of the software, will be able to easily manage the production orders (specifically sorting orders) sent to the machine. It is then managed the lot produced, the personal data and the different characteristics inherent the same. The production batch data for the sorting machine in question are also stored, thus generating a history.


Transform your factory into 4.0 by connecting new machinery and new software according to the Industry 4.0 plan.


The materialSUITE™ software module release for 4.0 guarantees: bidirectional interconnection, remote control and generation of insights relating to the production processes.


Business systems digitalisation and optimisation of the production process: agile management and batch tracking based on operations selection and understanding of waste quantity.


Make the right choice.
Enter industry 4.0, with materialSUITE.

The time is now.

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