Estimates for the freight sector

Development of an estimate calculator to speed up and automate the creation of estimates on the institutional website


CFT Consorzio Ferrara Trasporti is the reference point in freight transport for third parties in much of northern Italy; thanks to its many years of experience it provides a solid and well-stocked vehicle park among which you can find bilici centinati from 13,60 linear meters, motors with different lengths and capacities up to 140q equipped with hydraulic side.
CFT Consorzio Ferrara Trasporti is a highly innovative company for this reason it has felt the need to automate the process of creating estimates and collecting shipments of goods of its customers.

Shipping estimates within the customer reserved area

Tracking system for shipments
Creation of the new institutional website

More areas that make up the project to fulfill a single objective: automate and simplify the actions carried out by customers CFT Consorzio Ferrara Trasporti.
Actions such as “track shipment”, “book a pickup” and “calculate quote” were carried out within a reserved area specially created as a new environment at the service of the customer to increase its loyalty. The development of the estimates was the core of the project. Thanks to the data shared by CFT Consorzio Ferrara Trasporti it has been possible to develop complex and ordered algorithms able to calculate the cost of delivery based on destination locations and goods specifications such as size and weight.
The final cost can also be compared between the two types of shipping: standard and non-stop, which, offering different shipping services, provide two different amounts.
Subsequently the estimate can be deleted, saved or sent confirming its approval.
The project also involved the restyling of the institutional website: new masts, new style and new content both textual and photographic to meet the need to renew its online presence.


Automate and speed up manual processes regarding the creation, receipt and production of quotes and orders for shipping, delivery and collection of goods, as well as making it easier for customers to consult the tracking of goods.


Development of a reserved area dedicated to customers, thanks to which they can independently track their shipment, request a shipment pickup and create a quote. The section "Calculate estimate" is completely customized based on customer needs with the possibility of making comparisons in terms of price and type of service


Greater fluidity in the processes of management of the demands coming from the customers: reduction of the time of management of estimates and orders. Reduction of the waiting time by customers regarding the information related to the confirmation of a quote. Offering a fully customized service, promoting the loyalty of the user of the institutional site and the individual reserved area.


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