Product Configurator 

To formulate the most competitive economic quotation


Tommasin & C. S.r.l., is an Italian company specialising in metal constructions, specifically rounded bottoms; they adhered to the incentives provided for the 4.0 industry with the aim of optimising production processes the software capable of speeding up various activities, previously managed by incorrectly computerised supports.

The company, which today has important growth goals and aspirations, can count on highly qualified personnel and important certifications including ASME Pressure Vessel Manufacturing.

Production data acquisition and analysis

How production data can improve sales starting from the configurator

The MES Module and the mySUITE™ app have allowed a database to be created, that is transferred, in a structured manner, to a final accounting system. The output generated is the formulation of the most competitive economic quotation, in relation to actual costs and times to estimate the commissioning of orders.
The consuntivator, in addition to the function of estimates, was born as a software system able to analyse data on the historical production and to provide a reliable estimate of the costs of realisation of a certain made-to-measure item, in order to determine the selling price.


Formulate the best quotation in relation to the delivery time and the costs generated for the order creation.


Web app development, connected to an algorithm that processe the information necessary to support quotes similar to those stored in the database as well as construction times and costs calculation.


Reduced waiting times for a quote request; better correspondence between quotations and final accounts of orders; precise knowledge of the times for each phase; competitive offers on price starting from production costs.


Make the right choice.
Enter industry 4.0, with materialSUITE.

The time is now.

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