2D Planimetric design

Web application that revolutionises planimetric calculation


Impertek is a company specialised in laying PVC sheaths and materials.
Known both nationally and internationally, today it is one of the most thriving companies in the production and marketing of components for waterproofing and construction.
Cutting-edge technology, customised product development, guaranteed exclusivity to the customer and a basic organisation able to respond with simplicity, simplicity and speed of delivery to different requests.


2D Planimetric design

MegraPro is the new Web Application created for Impertek s.r.l, which revolutionises the planimetric and elevation calculation of terraces and raised floors, both for installation with decking and for that with tiles of any size. With the help of MegaPro, designers, retailers and architects can easily determine the total number of floor supports required for their project, the amount of each type of support according to individual excursions, the number of slope adjusters and the precise point where they are to be placed.


Reduce the design and production times of the commercial specifications from 3 weeks to a few days.


Web Application on cloud. Designers and collaborators can import their own floor plans and start the allocation of altitude points. The system calculates and determines the right support to the tiles needed for the raised flooring.


Simplicity of design and speed of calculation guarantee users a saving of time and cost, determining the most appropriate support for the flooring


Make the right choice.
Enter industry 4.0, with materialSUITE.

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