Arcangel – 3D file sharing

3D sharing of the perfect smile


Gruppo Dextra is a company based on the integration of dental technicians established throughout Italy who operate in the dental sector and related services.

Arcangel – 3D file sharing

Arcangel, the cloud web application that allows dentists and dental technicians to share and edit 3D files related to dentistry quickly and effectively.

After accessing the application, the dentist will be able to send dental scanning files to the dental technician, who in turn will process and transmit the 3D model, complete with the steps of alignment of the dental arches.

A software in the cloud with tools for traceability of clinical case processing and management of patient history data.


Fast and effective communication.


A cloud with great computing capacity.


It improves communication between dentists and dental technicians, speeding up the passage of technical information and the progress of the processing phases, optimising the production process.

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