Product Configurator

Identify the right product based on parametric data


CIMM s.p.a. (acronym of Italian Metal Furniture Construction), today confirms itself as a leading company in the production of large-capacity vessels for industrial and civil use, both nationally and internationally.

Oriented towards continuous improvement through the control of business processes and the growth of staff, with a constant look at technological innovations.

CIMM calculator

Choosing the product in a smart way

The CIMM s.p.a. Calculator is the ideal solution for manufacturers and installers of boilers and industrial heating systems. From a repository of over 3,000 products (expansion tanks, autoclaves and other hydraulic accessories), the application, through an algorithmic calculation, based on the parametric data entered by the user identifies the right product. The level of integration is such that the data warehouse, thanks to special APIs, is put in sharing between the internal ERP, the computer and the institutional site.


Simplify the image acquisition process by parametric search on multiple categories.


An e-commerce portal with search algorithm on a relational database of about a million records.


Acquisition of new customers through the portal and photo search speed.

Make the right choice.
Enter industry 4.0, with materialSUITE.

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