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S.A. Studio Santagostino provides high consulting and support services in professional and personal growth aimed at Companies, Public Administration and individuals. Thanks to the experience acquired since 1967 S.A. Studio Santagostino offers among its services: management consulting, corporate recruitment, financial training, corporate coaching, career advice and personal coaching.

Collect and manage information from different platforms

Software candidates' selection

Candidates Studio Santagostino represents a information  aggregation system  accessible from a Web Application reachable online. The information to be organised and managed, such as applications to open jobs, from a variety of sources and portals are collected and managed in one place, ensuring their easy access. Software for the selection of candidates is updated daily and allows you to keep track of each candidate thanks to the creation of a structured and secure database to cope with any new vacancies. The Web Application also provides a space dedicated to notes to keep track of all the important details about the candidate in analysis.


Manage in a streamlined, easy and fast way the applications received for job vacancies generated throughout Italy.


Development of a Web Application able to aggregate applications from multiple platforms.


Optimised the process of management and selection of candidates, allowing you to focus your attention and time on actions of concrete relational value.

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