Management of company logistics and warehouse loading and unloading activities

Custom Web and Mobile App


Consorzio Ferrara Trasporti (CFT) has been operating for over thirty years in the field of logistics and transport. It offers different types of services: from storage of goods in stock, to transport and delivery of materials. The company has built up an impressive fleet of vehicles, including vans, trucks, trucks and articulated vehicles to meet the increasingly specific needs of customers.

Web and mobile app for business logistics management

The web and mobile apps developed for CFTs represent smart solutions for companies active in the field of corporate logistics and warehouse management for third parties. Through a system that allows a direct contact between customers and suppliers, CFT operators can quickly manage picking orders or warehouse loads, preparation of goods and can communicate to the customer in a timely manner the status of shipments. By accessing their reserved area, CFT customers can check the status of goods stored in warehouses and carry out directly from the application the withdrawal orders that will be assigned and processed by operators.


To speed up the activities of taking in charge and management of the orders from the supplier of services, concurrently allowing, a tool of monitoring to the customers for the verification of the state of the goods and the times of delivery.


Web app that allows CFT customers to have access at any time to information about the stock of products and that allows you to make and send requests for material handling in a simple and fast. Mobile App with exclusive use of CFT that facilitates operators in the verification of the activities to be performed by speeding up loads/ discharges and picking orders.


Increased speed in order handling from material picking to preparation and dispatch according to customer specifications. Maximum control on the state of stocks and the status of shipments. Reduce delays in delivery and use of paper to manage daily tasks. Optimization of communication and customer/supplier relationship.


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