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Studio Santagostino candidates

The information to be organised and managed, such as applications to open jobs, from a variety of sources and portals are collected and managed in one place, ensuring their easy access.

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DMS Safe Nest

Safe Nest is a web application developed to give life to a system (Document Management System) simple and intuitive for the management of the certification documentation of orders for the construction works and installation systems, focused on fire certification documentation.

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Photographic Archive

Rem Pack is an e-commerce portal for the purchase of any kind of label, with countless formats and for printing on any type of material

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2D Planimetric design

MegraPro is the new Web Application created for Impertek s.r.l, that revolutionises the planimetric and elevation calculation of terraces and raised floors

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Web application to speed up the search and retrieval of information related to building permits.

EdilDati is the in cloud service of SIA GROUP, that gathers all the information related to building licensing practices, upcoming projects and construction sites active on all Italian municipalities, available to companies and freelancers in the sector.

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Product Configurator

From a repository of over 3,000 products (expansion tanks, autoclaves and other hydraulic accessories), the application, through an algorithmic calculation, based on the parametric data entered by the user identifies the right product.

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Arcangel – 3D file sharing

Arcangel, the Web Application in Cloud that allows dentists and dental technicians to share and edit 3D files related to dentistry quickly and effectively.

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